Almond Facts, January-February 2017

With the new year brings a new administration in Washington, D.C. This issue of Almond Facts explores what this could mean for Blue Diamond Growers, introduces two new board members and much more!

What's Inside

  • President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen highlights the upcoming year and stresses the importance of the agricultural industry standing together during challenging times. Read Story
  • In-Field Irrigation
    New Board Member Kent Stenderup participates in the Almond Board of California’s new outreach program for increased water efficiency. Read Story
  • Tech Industry Meets Almonds
    Meet new Board Member John Monroe from District 2, who is a grower-owner and long-time member of Blue Diamond. Read Story
  • Seminar Coverage
    Learn more about the seminars presented at Blue Diamond’s 2016 Annual Meeting that included pest management, Maximum Residue Levels and the election outcome. Read Story

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