Almond Facts, March-April 2017

Blue Diamond shows the strength of the cooperative through commitment and innovation. This issue of Almond Facts showcases this, highlights how one grower is giving back to the community and much more!

What's Inside

  • President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen shares the most recent achievements of the cooperative's innovative marketing strategies. Read Story
  • New Field Supervisor
    Christine Ivory has been in agriculture most of her life and is looking forward to her new role with Blue Diamond. Read Story
  • Growers Giving Back
    Mary Dunkel has been in the almond growing business for more than 50 years and not only devotes her life to taking care of the family orchard, but to animals in need. Read Story
  • Irrigation Tune-Up
    Up-to-date irrigation system performance evaluation is essential to efficient irrigation water management. Read Story

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