Almond Facts, July-August 2018

This issue of Almond Facts highlights Blue Diamond’s newest innovation, what to consider during harvest, and presents the 2018¬†Foundation Scholarship recipients.

What's Inside

  • Mark Jansen
    President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen shares his excitement for the harvest season and potential growth opportunities for delivering on our promise. Read Story
  • Co-op Election Season Kicks Off
    Blue Diamond members are encouraged to exercise one of their rights and responsibilities as owners of the cooperative: electing members of the board of directors and grower liaison committees. Read Story
  • Blue Diamond Debuts Almond Protein Powder
    Almond Protein Powder is Blue Diamond's newest innovation in almond ingredients and the team is driving advancements in food through healthy ingredient innovation. Read Story
  • Inshell and whole almonds
    Maximizing Almond Quality and Profitability
    The quest for top yields and the highest quality drives an almond grower's thoughts and labors throughout the year. Read Story

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