Almond Facts, May-June 2017

Blue Diamond Growers continues to make a difference in the market and ensure economic viability. This issue of Almond Facts showcases this, highlights the success of our growers.

What's Inside

  • Mark Jansen
    President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen shares the cooperative’s noble purpose of ensuring the economic viability of multi-generational farm families in California. Read Story
  • Clinton Shick
    Clinton Shick Honored with 2017 California Cultivator Award
    The Agricultural Council of California honors past chairman of the Blue Diamond Growers board of directors with prestigious award. Read Story
  • Almond Oil Launched at Global Exhibition
    Almond Oil Launched at Global Exhibition
    The Global Ingredients team launched almond oil, which is used as an ingredient, to the health and beauty care market. Read Story
  • The Next Generation Almond Farmer
    Ten-year-old Joshua Wilson is the next generation almond farmer and set on carrying on his family’s farming traditions. Read Story

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