Almond Facts, September-October 2017

This issue of Almond Facts celebrates the delivery of another record crop year with highlights of the new almond flour production line, sea freight industry, and an interview with Blue Diamond grower-owner family Tricia Paoluccio.

What's Inside

  • Mark Jansen
    President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen highlights Blue Diamond's ability to adapt to market changes while setting production records during the 2016 crop year. Read Story
  • Almond Flour Capacity Expands with New Production Line
    Blue Diamond increased its almond flour production capacity with a new processing line set within the recently finished addition to the Salida facility. Read Story
  • Blue Diamond Goes Nuts for The Nut Job 2
    Blue Diamond Growers teamed up with the creators, characters and fellow nut enthusiasts in The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature in their mission to create fun and memorable snacking moments for the whole family to enjoy. Read Story
  • Farm-to-City: An Interview with Tricia Paoluccio
    Tricia Paoluccio knows it's a privilege to be an almond farmer and Blue Diamond grower-owner. For more than 40 years her family knows what it's like to work on the land, grow a crop and be responsible caretakers. Read Story

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