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Who We Are

To Our Almond Growers

Blue Diamond Growers is a unique company that will grow by delivering the benefits of almonds to the world, while preserving the values that define its longstanding partnerships with its owner-growers, business partners and employees. The cooperative’s values—partnership, quality, innovation and integrity—shape daily decisions and actions.

The ultimate goal is to deliver strong consistent returns to the growers which partner with us.

Since 1910, Blue Diamond® has been committed to quality, innovation, food safety and responsible farming practices.

We are proud to be the…

  • First grower-owned cooperative created to market almonds.
  • First to develop and build a sheller, size grader and continuous blanching line.
  • First to adopt electronic sorting machines.
  • First to design and build commercial splitting, slivering and dicing machines for almonds.
  • First to develop markets for California almonds in over 80 countres including Japan and China.
  • First to promote the nutritional benefits of almonds, since the 1920’s

Today, we proudly serve our Owner-Growers with the…

  • World’s largest almond processor with over 2.5 million square feet in 3 production plants located in Sacramento, Salida and Turlock.
  • Industry’s largest refrigerated storage capacity to maintain the freshest, highest quality almonds.
  • Most advanced technology and equipment for quality and food safety assurance, processing innovation and production efficiencies.

We are partnering with global and domestic markets to deliver value-added products while complimenting the continued sales strength of the brown almond.

Innovation: Investing in our Grower’s Future

Turlock Facility and the Almond Innovation Center

Blue Diamond Turlock Manufacturing Plant
World’s largest and most advanced almond processing facility.

“In our continuing efforts to deliver the benefits of almonds to the world, our new plant in Turlock will allow us to expand our value-added product lines, It will seal our promise to be the global almond ingredients and consumer retail market leader so that we can continue to create the healthiest almond products in the world!”

—Mark Jansen

Blue Diamond President and CEO

Introducing a new Innovation Center for Creators, Innovators and Trailblazers
The Blue Diamond Almond Innovation Center is a new product development and research facility housing the latest tools and technologies for our staff of food scientists.

The center is the foundation of inspiration and the incubator of new and exciting almond ingredient applications.

Payment Plans and Programs

Standard Payment Program

  • Harvest Payment within 12 days of crop receipt
  • January Progress Payment
  • May Progress Payment
  • Final September Payment

Accelerated Payments

  • Accelerated Payments are drawn against estimates of future payments
  • May be taken at any time, as early as initial delivery
  • Funds are recovered at the next available regular payment

Deferred Payments Option

  • Defer your payments to a future date
  • Earn interest on your deferred amounts

Pre-Harvest Advances

  • Available January 1st—with Crop Insurance
  • Available June 1st—with Crop Estimate

Stockpile Advances

  • Advance payment prior to delivery on estimated meat weight of grower or huller stockpiles

Deferred Crop Option

  • Manage your crop income vs current market conditions
  • Defer all or a portion of your crop to the following crop year

Quality Premium Payments

  • Deliver high quality and earn more value. Our premium program increases grower returns by compensating them for top quality almond deliveries.
  • Each almond delivery can earn additional payments based on the level of rejects, foreign material and chipped and broken almonds.
  • Total premiums earned can reach $.19 per pound

*These programs are subject to change as directed by market conditions, the economy and the judgment of the board of directors.

Blue Diamond Contract Options & Partnership Benefits

Contract options to support grower needs:

Long Term Crop Agency Agreement

  • Our Long-Term Crop Agency Agreement provides full membership in Blue Diamond Growers with ownership and voting rights

Two-Year, Non-Member Agreement

  • Our Two-Year, Non-Member Agreement provides growers with the ability to market all or a portion of their acreage with Blue Diamond, with limited rights
  • Tonnage Contracts allows you to specify the variety and pounds you choose to market with Blue Diamond, also with limited rights

Partnership has its privileges…

Almond growers can participate in variety of member service programs, providing additional value for your crop!

  • Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD)—Tax Deductions
  • Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC ) – Tax Deductions
  • Health Insurance for your family and employees
  • Workers’ Compensations Insurance
  • Investment Certificates…Earn competitive interest rates by investing in Blue Diamond Growers
  • Ford Vehicle Discount Program