Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2021

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BDG Foundation Announces Scholarship Awards For agriculture to succeed for years to come, it will require the dedication and hard work of the next generation. The Blue Diamond Growers Foundation selected 24 young people to receive a scholarship for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The Foundation assists students whose goals are to be positive influences on the future of agriculture and who want to make a difference in their communities. Here are the profiles of this year’s Blue Diamond Growers Foundation scholarship recipients with an excerpt from each of their essays where they were asked to describe their future goals.

Ashleigh Sorensen Fall 2021 School: Fresno State University Major: Agribusiness Growing up with a farming family involved in the agriculture industry, I have always been interested in the field. After college I have aspirations to obtain my law degree and work as an agricultural

Averie Konefat Fall 2021 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Ag Science I am a member of the FFA and my weekends are usually full of competition days or other activities. I have a passion for educating the public about agriculture. I love teaching others so

lawyer. This career goal will allow me to be an advocate for the agriculture field and further my interest of bringing light to issues prevalent in the agriculture industry.

much that education is what I want to pursue as a career. Our country is suffering from a lack of ag literacy, and I hope to make an impact to change this. Being an ag teacher would give me a platform to inform the next generation about agriculture, which many feel is the backbone of our country.

Ashlyn Wooldridge Fall 2021 School: Cal Poly SLO

Major: Plant and Environment Sciences I plan to become a PCA. My desired degree would allow me to come back to Arbuckle and start my own crops as well as custom spraying. Many think being a PCA is just about pushing farmers to buy

Cal Muxlow Fall 2021 School: Fresno State University Major: Agribusiness Both the business side and the farming side of ag business correlate to make a great business, so that's why I want to grow in my understanding of both sides. For either managing a farm for someone

certain chemicals but I want to help farmers choose the right ones, give my own advice, and more importantly, be honest with all my clients. My goal is to be someone that young women look up to in agriculture because there should be more women in the agricultural field and I want to be a part of changing that.

or farming my own land one day, I want to be able to help the community the farm is by. I want to benefit society by being a farmer that prioritizes family, God, and hard work. My goal is to be a person that shows joy when I work. Hopefully, one day I will be farming my own land and my goal will be to have workers that have joy in the work they do.

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