Hillary Prince, Sustainability Intern, Blue Diamond Growers home. Since installation, 2,251 tons of emissions were avoided in his daily operations and his investment has paid for itself in providing great savings in fuel and electricity use year over year. Christine recently began experimenting with whole orchard recycling and is already seeing the promise of a healthy almond orchard with an increased water holding capacity in the soils. She is looking forward to seeing this translate into decreased irrigation in the future. As sustainable almond growing proponents, Mike and Christine learned to experiment with regenerative farming practices on their orchards. They are continuously fine-tuning their growing practices to increase almond tree growth, soil health, and biodiversity, and to decrease water and pest issues. Both feel that the way they farm their land greatly impacts the opportunity for future generations to grow almonds. The farming practices that Christine and Mike use are intended to produce thriving almond orchards today while preparing the land to nurture even stronger almond orchards tomorrow. We are proud of our Blue Diamond Growers members and want to share your sustainability stories! Please reach out to if you would like your almond growing practices featured in another article. If you are interested in learning more about sustainable and regenerative farming practices, please contact your Regional Manager for more information on Blue Diamond workshops and seminars. 1 9 M A Y – J U N E 2 0 2 0