February 10, 2015

This report covers conditions and observations made on Monday, February 9, 2015.

This report’s photos for the southern region provide a down-the-row shot of the Sonora and Nonpareil varieties in Madera County, followed by a close up of the pink tip stage of the Sonora and a preventative fungicide treatment, both in the central area of Kern County.

Clear skies and bright sunshine warmed the southern San Joaquin Valley Monday, helping to spur on bud development. While the lack of cloud cover allowed morning minimum temperatures to dip below the previous day’s readings, temperatures rose quickly after sunrise leading to warmer high readings in the afternoon. Morning lows were reported in the low 50’s for all areas with highs reaching into the low to mid 70’s. Winds hovering around 5 miles per hour made for a pleasant day in the south valley. The combination of clear skies, sunshine, and low wind speeds made for very good flying conditions for the bees, encouraging them to emerged early and work late in their search for pollen. Observers noted that bees put in approximately nine hours of very good activity, in the increasing amount of available bloom.

Bloom is progressing at relatively rapid pace. Observers noted that advanced plantings of the early blooming Sonora variety are now presenting as much as 50% of their flowers for pollination.
While the majority of the buds in the Nonpareil variety are still in the green tip stage, observers are reporting strong development and this major cultivar is now displaying a measurable percentage of open flowers. Fritz, Aldrich and Monterey are all exhibiting good overlap with their associated Nonpareil, while the Carmel continues to lag behind the Nonpareil in most cases.

Irrigation has begun on some plantings in the drier areas of south valley to ensure the trees have enough moisture to sustain the bloom and the resulting nutlets.  Growers are preparing their equipment in anticipation of fungicide treatments that may be need on susceptible varieties later in the bloom period.


High Temperature: 72°F
Low Temperature: 46°F
Wind: 2 to 10 mph
Rain: None
Sky Conditions: Clear north with a few high, thin clouds in the southern areas
Bee Activity: 9 Hours of very good activity
Current weather at the National Weather Service
Ernie Reichmuth and Matt Willson
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Bloom Status

VarietyDormantGreen TipPink BudPopcornBloomPetal FallJacketOut of Jacket

Data reflects a composite of the growing region.

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