February 11, 2016

This report covers conditions and observations made on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

Taken in Madera, the photos accompanying today’s report for the southern region illustrate the green tip stage of the Sonora variety, scattered flowers in Nonpareil and Sonora varieties, and the swelling buds in the Butte variety.

Warm temperatures covered the southern region, reaching the mid-70’s in some areas with overnight lows in the mid-40’s. These conditions helped bloom progress measurably overnight, and from morning to afternoon observations.

Occasional bloom can be seen scattered throughout the Sonora variety, while nearly all the buds have come out of dormancy. Over the next few days, there is potential for there to be a rapid increase in pink bud, popcorn and bloom in Sonora. Nonpareil is approximately a day behind Sonora, and pollinizer varieties are within a day or two of the nonpareil. Progression looks to be consistent across varieties, providing the opportunity for excellent overlap and cross-pollination.

A slight chance of rain this weekend and rain likely during the middle of next week has growers on alert. Some growers are planning to start their first round of fungicide Thursday or Friday of this week. Growers in drier areas have began irrigating, attempting to build up deep moisture before bloom. Bee deliveries continue throughout the region, as growers race to get hives placed ahead of the rapidly progressing bloom.


High Temperature: 75°F
Low Temperature: 43°F
Wind: 2 to 10
Sky Conditions: Sunny, clear skies
Bee Activity: 8 hours of very good activity
Current weather at the National Weather Service
Ernie Reichmuth
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Bloom Status

VarietyDormantGreen TipPink BudPopcornBloomPetal FallJacketOut of Jacket

Data reflects a composite of the growing region.

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