Our Blue Diamond Cooperative

Blue Diamond® is a strong, internationally known brand and supplier of the world’s highest quality almond products.

In 1910, 230 California almond growers formed an almond cooperative with the following core values:

  • To build strong relationships among growers and with their customers;
  • To communicate directly and honestly; and
  • To work as a team to realize the best return on their investment.

More than a century later, Blue Diamond Growers still adheres to these values at every level of our operation.

We believe in transparency and honest communication. And our work style is still team-based, working together to innovate, process, and distribute the largest portion of California’s almonds to the world.

Whatever your need, look to Blue Diamond Growers. We are a full-fledged marketing organization with your success as our number one priority!

Our Vision

Delivering the Benefits of Almonds to the World

Our Mission

Maximize the Returns of Each Grower Who Entrusts Blue Diamond with Their Almonds

Our Values

Partnership, Quality, Innovation, Integrity

Growers shaking hands

Blue Diamond offers:

  • Industry Leading Returns
  • Strong Cash Flows
  • World-wide Marketing Power
  • A Powerful Brand
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Long-Term Stability
  • Flexible Contract Options
  • Customized Payment Options
  • Balanced Risk

As the world’s largest almond handler, we serve customers in more than 80 countries. Blue Diamond is pro-active…opening new markets, forging new relationships and developing new products to stimulate demand. This has made the Blue Diamond brand recognized for innovation, quality and consistency the world over.

Join the thousands of California almond growers who profit from the Power in Partnership by marketing with the leading grower-owned cooperative and marketer of almond products!

Blue Diamond Growers…Growing the Market So You Can Grow Your Business!

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