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Almond Facts, March-April 2024

This issue of Almond Facts covers some wins for the co-op as well as dealing with challenges in the industry. Also covered are three employees who received awards, and some great information on pollinator care in the orchards paired with OSIP advancement.

What's Inside

  • Kai Bockmann
    President's Corner
    President and CEO, Kai Bockmann discusses some exciting wins for the cooperative and some recent changes that have occurred to maintain strong and efficient during this challenging season. Read Story
  • Steve Schult Named “Rock Star” of the Supply Chain by Food Logistics
    Blue Diamond’s Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Steve Schult, recently received the 2024 Rock Star of the Supply Chain award from Food Logistics! Enjoy an inside scoop into his unique background and leadership style that have contributed to his great success in the industry. Read Story
  • mental health matters letter tiles
    Mental Health Matters
    It’s no secret that times are tough. This article dives into a few ways to maintain a healthy mindset and how friends can look after one another, encourage each other through times of increased stress, and continue supporting those they care about to keep stress manageable. Read Story
  • Bee Friendly Farming and OSIP
    Pollinator Partnership (P2) is proud to be part of Blue Diamond ’s OSIP for the third year. P2 shares some great information on Bee Friendly Farming Certification (BFF) which assists farmers in protecting, preserving, and promoting pollinator health and contributes to achieving the next OSIP level. Read Story

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