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Get the latest news affecting Blue Diamond and the almond industry with Almond Facts magazine. Almond Facts is published bi-monthly as a service to Blue Diamond’s grower-owners and now everything is available online, too!

Almond Facts, March-April 2020

This issue of Almond Facts highlights how the cooperative is helping our community and our environment while maintaining our commitment to innovation. Learn more about sustainability initiatives at our facilities, launch of the new Spicy Dill Pickle flavor, and much more!

What's Inside

  • Mark Jansen
    President's Corner
    President and CEO Mark Jansen acknowledges that it is a challenging time for this generation and that Blue Diamond Growers is approaching this time with recognition for the important role we play. Read Story
  • Almonds in Sacramento
    Blue Diamond participated in a tour hosted by the Almond Board of California to showcase the innovative uses of almonds. Read Story
  • Sustainability Initiatives Supporting Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond highlights how sustainability is talked about with regards to our facilities and our local California distribution network. Read Story
  • Blue Diamond Introduces Spicy Dill Pickle Almonds
    Blue Diamond is excited for the latest expansion to their line of BOLD Snack Almonds with the launch of Spicy Dill Pickle. Read Story

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