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Almond Facts, November-December 2021

This issue of Almond Facts provides highlights from the 111th Annual Growers Meeting and a celebration of the 35th anniversary of the “Can A Week” ad campaign.

What's Inside

  • President's Corner
    Taken from his 2021 Annual Meeting speech, President and CEO, Mark Jansen, expresses the importance of partnership as a key factor in our success as a co-op. Instead of our planned $.13 beat, Blue Diamond delivered an incredible $.23 competitive return advantage. Read Story
  • Chairman's Message
    Blue Diamond’s Chairman of the Board, Dan Cummings, congratulates new board members, names the 2021 Grower Ambassador of the Year Award Recipient, and several other updates for the year. Read Story
  • Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of “Can a Week” Campaign
    To celebrate the anniversary of “Can a Week,” we heard from several growers who were part of the 1986 campaign on their experiences and shared photos to look back and enjoy. Read Story
  • Honey Bees Indoors
    Over the last several years, indoor storage has been rapidly gaining greater popularity among US commercial beekeepers and an increasing number of colonies are spending time indoors. Read Story

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