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Almond Facts, January-February 2024

This issue of Almond Facts covers the new strategy for the cooperative, takes a look at the new Almond Breeze products launching in the United States and Thailand, discusses various ways to enable pollinator health during bloom, and introduces Blue Diamond’s new federal advocates, Lynn Jacquez and Stacy McBride.

What's Inside

  • Kai Bockmann
    President's Corner
    President and CEO, Kai Bockmann discusses the new strategy and plans for growth coming up for the co-op and introduces some new Blue Diamond products! Read Story
  • NEW! Almond Breeze® Almond & Oat Available in Stores Now and Drinking Yogurt Launches in Thailand
    Blue Diamond launches Almond & Oat in the U.S. and introduces drinking yogurt to Thailand. The co-op looks forward to consumers enjoying these new products for their fantastic taste and nutritional goodness!
  • Pollinator Care in the Orchard During Bloom Season
    Project Apis m. provides many ways to care for pollinators during the critical shift in seasons as we go from winter to spring. Find out how to make the most of the honey bees’ visit to your orchards this spring.
  • Lynn Jacquez & Stacy McBride Advocacy Report
    New to the Advocacy Report section, but not to the cooperative, Lynn Jacquez and Stacy McBride join Blue Diamond as federal advocates who will provide a myriad of updates from Washington D.C. and beyond that impact the co-op.

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