Government Affairs

Providing One Voice for Blue Diamond Almond Growers

“Everyone owes a part of one’s time and money to the industry in which one is engaged. No one should withhold support from an organization that is striving to improve the conditions within one’s business.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

Blue Diamond Growers is committed to the highest level of political advocacy. By representing over half of the almond growers within California, it is our responsibility to develop a sound government affairs strategy for our cooperative, grower-owners, employees and business operations.  Our advocacy on behalf of Blue Diamond before state, federal and international governments is to promote a better understanding of our industry. Our goal is to create effective regulatory and legislative cooperation on issues that directly affect Blue Diamond, California almonds and agriculture.

Cooperation is a powerful tool with those who influence our business. It provides an opportunity to build relationships with congressional and legislative representatives who understand agriculture and want to help growers continue to produce the best quality and safest food supply in the world.

Political Action

The Blue Diamond Political Action Committee allows the cooperative to maintain a strong voice in the state and federal legislature and within various trade and regulatory agencies. Through the cooperative’s PAC, Blue Diamond is able to continue its efforts in protecting our grower-owners interests, ensuring they are able to continue growing California almonds. We welcome you to take part in this effort by contributing via credit card by clicking on the link or filling out the PAC Contribution Form below.

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To receive more information about the Political Action Committee, please contact:
The Blue Diamond Public Affairs Team
Phone: 916.446.8326

Our Partners

The Agricultural Council of California is a trade association dedicated to the enhancement and growth of agricultural cooperatives and their producer-owners. Founded in 1919, the Agricultural Council has been promoting and protecting California’s agricultural cooperatives for over 80 years.
Almond Alliance of California logo
The Almond Alliance of California was established in 1980 to serve almond growers as the only trade associate fully dedicated to advocating for and protecting growers’ investment in the almond industry. Representing 80 percent of the almonds processed in California, the alliance is committed to innovative leadership and advocacy, ensuring the sustainability and success of the California almond community.
Cal Chamber logo
California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping California businesses survive and thrive while complying with complex laws and regulations. Blue Diamond is a member of the board of directors of CalChamber and serves on its public affairs committee.
National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
As a member of NCFC which represents 2 million farmers who belong to cooperatives nationally, Blue Diamond growers have a direct link to Washington D.C. to get updated information about legislation that may affect them.