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Providing One Voice for Blue Diamond Almond Growers

“Everyone owes a part of one’s time and money to the industry in which one is engaged. No one should withhold support from an organization that is striving to improve the conditions within one’s business.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

US Capitol Building

Blue Diamond is committed to a government affairs strategy that will increase its competitive advantage in global markets. We emphasize the importance of sound science and unnecessary cost increases in regulatory issues in the state of California and in the federal government. Our mission is to promote a better understanding and more effective legislative and congressional cooperation on issues like:

  • Establishing a long-term water policy, including storage for drought years
  • Emphasizing sound scientific evidence and unnecessary cost increases
  • Providing a legal work force
  • Fighting laws that put almond growers at a competitive disadvantage
  • Securing tax policies beneficial to agriculture and cooperatives
  • Eliminating global almond tariffs
  • Improving market access
  • Harmonizing global food safety and quality standards

As a cooperative owned by over half of California’s almond growers, having a strong voice about issues that affect our growers is critical to delivering the benefits of almonds to the world. Cooperation is a powerful tool with those who influence our business. It provides an opportunity to build relationships with congressional and legislative representatives who understand agriculture and want to help growers continue to produce the best quality and safest food supply in the world.

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Our Partners

agricultural-council-of-california-logo140The Agricultural Council of California is a trade association dedicated to the enhancement and growth of agricultural cooperatives and their producer-owners. Founded in 1919, the Agricultural Council has been promoting and protecting California’s agricultural cooperatives for over 80 years.Cal Chamber logoCalifornia Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping California businesses survive and thrive while complying with complex laws and regulations. Blue Diamond is a member of the board of directors of CalChamber and serves on its public affairs committee.

National Council of Farmer CooperativesAs a member of NCFC which represents 2 million farmers who belong to cooperatives nationally, Blue Diamond growers have a direct link to Washington D.C. to get updated information about legislation that may affect them.