2017 Accelerated and Deferred Payments

Agreements for the 2017 crop Accelerated and Deferred Payment Programs have been mailed to all who participated in the 2016 crop programs. Anyone planning on deferring any 2017 crop payments must have a completed Deferred Payment Agreement on record with Blue Diamond prior to crop delivery from the sub-contract you wish to defer. Any payee may defer an entire payment or elect to receive a set amount and defer the residual to the next calendar or fiscal year.  Deferred payment agreements will not be accepted after a sub-contract’s first delivery.

Those wishing to accelerate their 2017 payments ahead of the regular payment schedule may complete an Accelerated Payment Agreement at any time. The 2017 Accelerated Payment rate will be announced in July.  Anyone interested in either of these programs may obtain the necessary agreements from their local Regional Manager or by contacting Kristie Ezell via email Kezell@bdgrowers.com or by phone (916) 446-8368 in our Sacramento Membership office.  Digital forms can be accessed HERE.