Blue Diamond Welcomes Finalization of KORUS Renegotiation

SACRAMENTO, Calif.April 2, 2018  — Blue Diamond Growers, the world’s leading non-profit almond processing and marketing cooperative, applauds the completion of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) renegotiation. With South Korea representing a top-ten export market for California almonds, the trade agreement is vital to the livelihood of California almond growers.

KORUS has provided significant benefits to California’s almond industry by removing or eliminating burdensome tariffs on almonds and almond products. Since implementation of the agreement, almond shipments from California have more than doubled in value from $83.3 million to $167.6 million. The continuation of KORUS will allow for further growth and expansion of California almonds into South Korea.

“With a growing surplus of agricultural products, such as almonds, it is essential that the United States look toward opportunities that enhance export markets and the country’s competitive advantage,” said Mark Jansen, CEO and President of Blue Diamond Growers. “By finalizing the renegotiation of KORUS, the United States reaffirms its commitment to trade.”

Blue Diamond Growers extends a sincere thank you to the United States trade negotiators for their dedication in expediting the renegotiation. The cooperative believes free trade agreements, such as KORUS, are necessary for American industries to thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We look forward to the completion of future and ongoing negotiations of agreements, particularly the North American Free Trade (NAFTA) agreement.

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