What influences hull-split timing?

Via:  Thealmonddoctor.com

By David Doll, University of California Extension nut crop pomology farm advisor for Merced County

Hull-split often occurs around the end of June though the first week of July within the San Joaquin Valley. The start and duration of hull-split is influenced by the variety, weather, and tree stress. As many are aware, the variety has the strongest influence on hull split initiation and progression, but this article will focus on the influence of weather and tree stress.

Most people believe the weather experienced in mid-June strongly influences the start of hull-split. Research has indicated, however, that this is not true. Work by Ted DeJong (UC Davis Plant Sciences), has found that the beginning of hull-split (which is indicated as 1% hull split) can be predicted by weather conditions experienced during the first 90 days after bloom. Cooler conditions experienced during this time will lead to a later hull-split, while warmer conditions result in an earlier split. Temperatures in the latter…[Read More]