Crop Progress Report – March 1, 2024

This report covers the conditions and activities observed from February 23, 2024 to February 29, 2024. Written updates will be posted regularly on Fridays throughout bloom and will have a more regionalized focus. Additional updates will be posted as needed.

Ideal weather over the past week has advanced bloom conditions and promoted excellent bee activity. Sonoras have moved mostly into the jacket stage and beginning stages of nutlet. Although Independence had been trailing behind it has caught up to the Nonpareil and both varieties are into petal fall and moving into jacket. California types followed suit with most in peak bloom last weekend. Conditions have allowed for what would seemingly be a well-coordinated bloom for Monterey and Carmel, which are also peaking and moving into petal fall.  All pollinizers have begun to move into petal fall and most are showing traces of jacket. Butte and Padre had their surge last weekend and have advanced extensively over this past week, with some limited petal fall starting.

Favorable weather this past week was conducive for this year’s bloom, however that has come to an end with the forecasted storms coming to fruition in the Northern part of the state and working their way South. John Locker of Fresno County stated, “Bloom conditions and bee flight hours appear to be considerably better than what we experienced last year; however, disease pressure is still a concern with more rainfall and warm weather conditions expected.” John is not alone in his sentiment with many growers proactively implementing disease treatments ahead of the storms utilizing ground and aerial application methods.

Growers took advantage of the optimal weather and continued to clear and remove downed trees from their orchard along with mowing. Leaf push has been observed in Nonpareil, Independence, Carmel, Aldrich, and Monterey. Some growers will start applying fertilizers and for others their applications will occur soon.

By: Kenneth Miyamoto, Member Relations Regional Manager

Photos By: Mel Machado, Anthony Scudder, Carla Youngblood, Christine Ivory

Northern Conditions and Bloom Status

Current weather at the National Weather Service

Central Conditions and Bloom Status

Current weather at the National Weather Service

Southern Conditions and Bloom Status

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