Almond Facts, July-August 2022

This issue of Almond Facts provides tips for planting cover crops, valuable information on regenerative agriculture, harvest considerations, and introduces you to the Blue Diamond Growers Foundation’s scholarship recipients!


What's Inside

  • Mark Jansen portrait
    President's Corner
    Mark discusses District Meetings, the benefits of OSIP, and the pride he feels that Blue Diamond has been able to consistently provide growers with competitively advantaged returns despite many challenges. He reviews the 2022 crop estimates while looking forward to a successful harvest season. Read Story
  • Meet the Blue Diamond Growers Foundation Scholarship Recipients
    The Blue Diamond Growers Foundation selected 25 young people to receive a scholarship for the 2022–2023 academic year. The Foundation assists students who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and influencing the future of agriculture. Read Story
  • Regenerative Agriculture and Blue Diamond Growers
    Blue Diamond’s Director of Sustainability, Dan Sonke, shares on the timely topic of regenerative agriculture in his column, “Sustainably Speaking with Dr. Dan." Read Story
  • Project Apis m. Discusses Cover Crops
    There are several tips and tricks for planning and planting cover crop to consider adopting this season. If you haven’t yet, remember to get involved with Project Apis m.’s “Seeds for Bees” program. Read Story

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