Almond Facts, March-April 2023

This issue of Almond Facts features the first “President’s Corner” by Blue Diamond’s new President/CEO, Kai Bockmann. The issue also includes next steps on the $45 million grant from the USDA, finding solutions for the vast issues concerning California water, and covers an orchard media tour hosted by the Doherty family.


What's Inside

  • Kai Bockmann
    President's Corner
    President and CEO, Kai Bockmann reflects on his first two months at Blue Diamond with great joy and looks forward to the growth of the cooperative in his first article for "President's Corner." Read Story
  • Doherty Family Hosts Orchard Media Tour
    As winter ended, the Doherty family hosted several consumer media members from backgrounds in food, lifestyle, and parenting publications. Guests gained awareness of Blue Diamond ’s sustainability practices and learned about the health benefits, delicious flavor, and numerous uses for Blue Diamond products. Read Story
  • Record-Setting Rain in Early 2023 in California. Honestly, What’s New?
    President/CEO of the Almond Alliance, Aubrey Bettencourt, discusses the vast issues involving water in the state of California. The Almond Alliance isn’t interested in playing “the blame game” but in finding solutions. Read Story
  • Dan Sonke
    Update on the Climate-Smart Commodities Grant from the USDA
    Dr. Dan Sonke discusses the next steps for the $45 million USDA grant awarded to Blue Diamond. The grant will provide cost share to growers for the implementation of practices including annual cover cropping, conservation plantings, hedgerow plantings, and whole orchard recycling. Read Story

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