A View From Our Growers

“A View From Our Growers” is a new feature highlighting photos submitted by Blue Diamond Members.  As bloom began over the last week, several growers throughout California sent us a few photos from their orchard.   This photo gallery gives a local viewpoint of what they have observed on their own almond farm.

“Nonpareil almond bloom, they popped practically overnight” 2/9/17 photographed at night – Suzanne Noeller, Hughson CA

5th leaf Nonpareil – Ryan Indart, Clovis CA

Aldrich nearing 75% bloom, field starting to flood after 1.5 inches of Rain on 1/17/17 – Greg Watts, Willows CA

Members, If you have great photos in the orchard and around the farm, please send them to bgoudie@bdgrowers.com and we’ll be sure to include them in our next “A View From Our Growers” to show all the hard work that goes into creating great Blue Diamond Almonds.

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