Winter Chilling Update 12/29/16

Almonds require chilling during the winter months to satisfy physiological rest requirements during dormancy.  This winter has provided significant chilling hours in all areas of the state.  For more information about winter chilling, a great article can be found HERE by Bob Beede, UCCE Kings County, Emeritus discussing in detail the importance and dynamics of winter chilling.

To access Chill Calculators for your location CLICK HERE

Provided below is a summary of winter chilling in select locations:


Dynamic Model: Chilling Portions

9/1 /16 – 12/28/16

Cumulative Chilling:  Hours Below 45 degrees F

11/1/16- 12/28/16

North -Durham 33 512
Central – Modesto 30 407
South – Fresno 28 394
South – Arvin-Edison 26 361
Requirements* 22-32** 200-350*

* For a review of chilling models, please reference About Chilling & Dormancy by Franz Niederholzer

**Chilling Requirements in Chill Portions for California Crops by Katherine Pope

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